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CNC Machine Simulation

Siemens NX offers the unique possibility to simulate your CAM program based on the actual G-codes that the control of your CNC-machine will be reading. This has many advantages over the usual standard CAM toolpath simulation that every CAM package offers.

Siemens NX biedt de unieke mogelijkheid om uw CAM programma te simuleren op basis van de effectieve G-codes die de sturing van uw CNC-machine zal inlezen. Dit heeft tal van voordelen tegenover de gebruikelijke standaard CAM toolpathsimulatie die elk CAM pakket aanbiedt.

A few advantages:

NX Machinesimulatie
  • Virtually detecting collisions with residual material, fixtures, other tools, etc.
  • Save time: no need to 'air-freight' new programmes as a test.
  • Program complex parts with more confidence. 
  • Train machine operators on a virtual machine and avoid risks on the real machine.
  • Save costs: avoid milling and other tools breaking down or even worse spindle crashes.
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