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Simcenter Femap

Your FEA software needs to be cost-effective and easy to use, but with the power to model the toughest problems. Simcenter Femap delivers just that high-performance FEA modelling for the engineering department. Simcenter Femap is one of the world's leading CAD-independent Windows native pre- and post-processors for advanced finite element analysis.

Structural Analysis

Simcenter Femap is an advanced simulation application for creating, editing and inspecting finite element models of complex products or systems. You can use advanced workflows in Simcenter Femap to create models of components, assemblies or systems and then determine the behaviour of a model when it's subjected to real-world conditions. Both Linear and Non-Linear calculation is possible when the system can no longer be considered linear.

Dynamic Response

Discover the capabilities of Femap with NX Nastran for transient and frequency response, complex eigenvalues and response spectrum and random oscillations.
Femap with NX Nastran dynamic response allows you to calculate the forced response of your product to inputs (loads or motion) that vary with time or frequency, as well as calculate at complex values.

Femap Advanced

Use Femap Advanced to calculate added advanced analyses.
The advanced bundle adds a range of advanced analysis types, including aero-elasticity for aerodynamic load generation, superelements for model partitioning, DMAP for NX Nastran solution sequence adaptation and Distributed Memory Parallel (DMP) that allows NX Nastran to solve solutions using multiple processors.

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