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Efficiency and time savings at DKR

DKR Refrigerations is known as a supplier for refrigeration installations in industrial as well as commercial sectors. Co-manager Maxime Kerckhove is pleased to share his experience with ADOPT id PLM and in particular with the Solid Edge Modular Plant Design software.

DKR Refrigerations based in Harelbeke exists for more than 50 years. They are building smaller cooling installations for the retail trade, but also large freezer stores for industrial purposes. In the past, DKR often worked together with engineering firms to draw their installations. These firms gave them the tip to use Solid Edge as a software package which they could use themselves.

Solid Edge Modular Plant Design (also known as the add-on Smap3D) is the ideal software solution for the piping industry. The software is being used internationally for 2D and 3D plant and pipeline planning. It is available in the basic modules P & ID for process engineering, 3D Piping for piping and Isometric for pipeline production. To provide a consistent and efficient process, data can be exchanged with 3D scanners, PDM, ERP and simulation software.

"By choosing Smap3D, we feel confident that we have made the perfect decision. The adaptive Smap3D Plant Design solution was integrated surprisingly quickly into DKR's existing software landscape (ERP and CAD)." 

Maxime Kerckhove

"With the introduction of Modular Plant Design, we are able to complete more projects in a shorter time and our workflow has also improved significantly. The many possibilities for integration, automation and elimination of interfaces means that we can work much faster and more accurately," Maxime tells us. "You get a complete Bill Of Materials with every project. Down to the last T-piece, the project leader knows exactly what to order. Moreover, the margin of error when welding is much smaller thanks to the detailed isometric drawings. The PED and CE approvals also run smoothly and correctly due to Smap3D. In every respect, we work more efficiently with the aid of Solid Edge," concludes Maxime.

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