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A lot of educational institutions in Belgium & Luxembourg have already chosen to use Siemens software as standard for their students. The continuous investment of Siemens in the secondary and higher education sector results in students who are ready for their professional career with the help of quality tools. Additionally, Siemens provides many software solutions that are free of charge for teachers and students. ADOPT id PLM helps schools, teachers and students to use their software as efficiently as possible.

Solid Edge Student Edition

Solid Edge Student Edition is available for free to all students, no matter what their age is. After registering he/she will receive a 'Welcome email' at the email address mentioned with instructions for downloading and installing the Solid Edge® software. The student's personal license will be attached to this 'Welcome email'. Please make sure you allow the receipt of emails from info@siemensplmevents.com.

Solid Edge Teacher Edition

Prepare students - from primary to secondary school - for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with a free campus-wide licence of Solid Edge Teacher Edition. Combined with access to our best curriculum tools, you have everything you need to engage your class, homeschool group or club in STEM learning. Solid Edge is easy to learn and use and comes with a range of tutorials and projects developed by teachers like you to suit students at all levels.

NX CAD Design Certification

Students! Build your CV and learn how to use one of the world's most popular CAD platforms, NX. Demonstrate your knowledge through an online assessment and post it on your LinkedIn and CV. A growing number of students are looking for ways to gain experience outside of internships and in-person events. The NX CAD design certification is a great way to earn an industry-recognised certificate and make yourself more competitive in the job hunting - all while working at your own home!


Case Studies

KU Leuven

NX, Simcenter and Teamcenter are helping KU Leuven to prepare students for the manufacturing industry's digital transformation.

Thomas More

At Thomas More, students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to master the entire product creation process with NX, Simcenter and Teamcenter.

VTI Roeselare

Solid Edge and NX CAM are helping students prepare for careers in the real world.

Interested in Siemens Industries Software licences for your school or dream team?

Discuss your plans with us and Siemens right now. We will ensure that there is a matching pool of licenses perfectly suited to your curriculum and goals. Thousands of schools worldwide are using the solutions of Siemens to teach their students 3D CAD, 1D, 2D & 3D simulation, CNC machine techniques, Additive Manufacturing, low-coding and much more. ADOPT id also offers "Train the Trainer" sessions to prepare you as a teacher in the software and to make you familiar with the available teaching materials.

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Agoria Solar Team | Winning the solar race world championship | Simcenter Academic

A team of students from KU Leuven in Belgium competed in Australia's World Solar Race in 2019. With the car being only powered by the sun, the student engineers had to optimize the limited amount of power available and consequently reduce a maximum drag. To succeed and be crowned as world champion, the team used Siemens Industry Software solutions. Using simulation, the team avoided making complex and expensive real-life models. Learn from their experience.

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