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Home Industries Hobbyists


Solid Edge Community Edition is free to download and use for hobbyists who would like to get started at home. The possibilities for 3D printing are available in this version so you can use your knowledge at home.

Solid Edge Community Edition

Whether you are an engineer solving problems after hours or a maker looking to expand your skills, Solid Edge can help you turn your idea into reality. Solid Edge is easy to learn and simple to use, making it perfect for autodidacts, including makers and hobbyists practicing their craft. Download your free version today and find out how Solid Edge can help you take your design ideas from concept to prototype.

Siemens Software Community

Explore the Community Forum to meet fellow users and share knowledge. Visit the blogs as well to expand your knowledge and discover the latest news.

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Siemens Software Blogs

Check out the Siemens Software blogs and get to know your software better by reading the informative and interesting blog posts.

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