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2D Drawing

Free 2D CAD-software

Solid Edge makes it easy to share 2D drawings with other teams, suppliers and customers, even if they don't have Solid Edge installed. Our free tool, Solid Edge 2D Drafting, allows easy sharing of data from native design files and provides drawing layout, target search, diagramming and dimensioning capabilities. Since Solid Edge 2D Drafting is fully compatible with the commercial version of Solid Edge, there is no loss of drawing integrity due to data translation.

Simple 3D CAD

Solid Edge provides you with the tools to naturally migrate to 3D. Interactive 2D-to-3D migration wizards help you quickly convert your 2D drawings into intelligent 3D models to use in assemblies or downstream operations. Solid Edge gives you the flexibility to mix-and-match 2D and 3D part representations and add 3D details only when necessary. This approach allows you to move from 2D to full 3D design at your own pace, while immediately benefiting from the advantages of 3D modelling.

NX Layout

Concept design is easier than ever with NX software. NX Layout is fully integrated with NX and allows you to quickly create design concepts in 2D to speed up the product design process. The integration of NX Layout into drafting lets you use a familiar 2D environment and take advantage of essential 2D features.

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